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Handmade Uzbek jewelry boxes

We present to you a young talented master of his craft Yashinov Jakhongir who was born in 1995. Until that time, he was able to master art in the direction of Woodcarving, Drawing on objects, and Art miniature. From the age of 10 he developed an interest in this art. He was a student of the outstanding master Ergash Aliyev for 8 years.

By the age of 15, Jakhongir entered a college called the Benkov Republican College of Art and acquired the art and skills of artistic miniature. For 6 years he has been working and creating in the Eshon Abdulkasim Madrasah Below are his works.

Phone: +998946731243

You can also contact him for orders by direction!

For souvenirs for your organization or for gifts for your employees

1. For birthday parties.

2. For weddings.

3. You can make souvenirs for important events

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Uzbekistan. Tashkent. Mirabad district.

Street: Kichik Mirabad 2/11

Phone: +998909716208

Telegram: +998909716208